Park Shin Hye a natural beauty? Look at her brother's photo and decide for yourself

17 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

A photo of Park Shin Hye's brother, which surfaced recently, has lead many to wonder if the actress is a natural beauty.

According to Daily K-pop News, on January 13, Park Shin Hye tweeted about B1A4's 'Oh My God'.

She wrote: "My brother was involved in the guitar session and song arrangement. The song is good."

Following this, a photo of Park Shin Won, Park Shin Hye's brother, was revealed and became a talking point.

His appearance is far too different from Park Shin Hye's, which led many to wonder if Park Shin Hye is a natural beauty.

Park Shin Won replied: "My sister is really a natural beauty. I'm like that because I only focus on guitar and don't care about my appearance"

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