Park Shi Hoo reveals he wore thousands of men’s briefs as an underwear model

11 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago
Source: Kpop Fever

Park Shi Hoo‘s underwear model past has been revealed.

Actor Park Shi Hoo made a guest appearance on the December 10th episode of SBS ‘˜Healing Camp’ and he revealed several photos from his days as an underwear model.

Park Shi Hoo is seen looking buff and cut in the photos.

Park Shi Hoo Had starred in the Vectorman series in the past and he stated, “Kim Sung Soo used to do underwear modeling right before me.

I think the usual step is to do children’s program, underwear modeling, and then move on to the dramas.

(Vectorman is a children’s TV series much like Power Rangers series).

Park Shi Hoo revealed that the contract money for the underwear advertising was pretty decent.

He explained, “The regular clothing lines generally changes ads a couple of times a year.

So I thought I’d get to take off my shirt a couple of times and wear their underwear a few times and I thought that’d be it.

But as it turned out they called me up 4 times a month.

I think I wore hundreds or maybe thousands of men’s briefs alone‘, and he burst into laughter.

The posters for the men’s brief ad can actually still be seen at stores around the country.

Park Shi Hoo stated, “I saw it just few days ago at a store.

I took the photo back in 2002.‘
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