Park Ji Min confesses that she’s jealous of Lee Hi

9 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Park Ji Min has confessed that she was jealous of Lee Hi.According to an article in Allkpop, in an interview with Star News, she revealed, “When I saw Lee Hi on TV, I thought, ‘˜Ah, I want to be on that stage, too’. To be honest, right now it’s true that I’m a little jealous.‘The pair had been rivals since ‘˜K-Pop Star‘˜, and then had debuted as a JYP Entertainment and a YG Entertainment artist each.She said, “Even though it’s true that I’m jealous, right now I feel more like I want to do better now. I think there will be a time when Lee Hi does well, and when we do well. I think it’d be great if we both did well together.‘On being compared to the other singer, she said, “To be honest, I predicted this from when ‘˜K-Pop Star’ ended. "To be honest, Lee Hi unni and us don’t have anything in common, and we have our own style."Photos in the gallery are of Lee Hi, who was spotted at the airport in a striking blue attire.

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