Park Bom comments on her heel falling off during the 22nd Seoul Music Awards

1 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago
2NE1‘˜s Park Bom updated fans on how she felt about her recent mishap on stage during the 22nd Seoul Music Awards.
Park Bom tweeted, “Kekekekeke Today was reallyã… ã…  a special day!!! kekekeke I was very, very surprised!!! One foot felt free all of a sudden keke.

I think this will also be one precious memory.

kekeke My members’ faces were flustered but funny..kekeke I could have also been flustered.‘

“Looking at me and saying it’s all right..Let’s have fun..

As if she said that‘ As if she was somehow giving me strength‘ Leader Chae Rin (CL) kekeke When I asked her, she said that in case I might do something weird kekeke So she was watching over me kekekeke She said keep posting the story kekekeke.

I don’t know how they took a photo of this kekeke.
When we gather together, we’re giving each other eye contact~~.
‘During the awards ceremony, 2NE1 commanded the stage as usual with their hit song “I Love You“.

However, Park Bom’s heel fell off mid-performance, and she quickly solved the problem by taking off her other heel as well, leaving her to dance barefoot for the rest of the performance.

All K-Pop reported that Park Bom was later praised for her professionalism during the stage by continuing to perform with charisma as if nothing happened.
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