Plastic surgery? Park Bom seen with mask and 'chipped-off' ear

18 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

On December 15th, Neswen caught 2NE1’s Park Bom walking through Gimpo International Airport, returning home from Japan after a scheduled fan meeting.

As she walked through the airport, Park Bom gave a shy wave towards fans who were waiting to greet and give her a warm welcome home, reports Koreaboo.

However, after a photo of the singer was released online, netizens gave notice towards Park Bom’s ear and speculated if she had received further plastic surgery.

Comments on the Newsen article (via Nate) read, “Did she take cartilage from her ear to get her nose done??????”, “Her ear looks weird, what happened??”, “Did she get work done again? Seeing her ear and the mask…” and “What are you hiding under the mask?”

However, upon closer look, Koreaboo has discovered that those were actually meridian stickers on her ears. Also known as acupuncture stickers, they supposedly help with blood circulation and bloating.

Park Bom herself has previously revealed her use of these stickers as part of her beauty regiment, which she shared on Episode 2 of SBS Roommate. The episode on May 11th, 2014 had actor Park Min Woo questioning her on the stickers on her ears.

At the same moment, Park Bom kindly gave the actor a similar regiment by spraying mist on either side of his face, before placing the meridian stickers on his ears.

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