Park Bo Ram's 30kg weight loss: How she controlled urge to eat

29 October 2014 / 1 year 12 months ago

On October 28, CJ E&M Corporation held their annual '2014 Style Icon Awards'.

During the ceremony, the lovely Park Bo Ram talked about her diet, through which she had lost over 30 kg (approx. 66 lbs) over the course of two to three years, reports allkpop

During an interview, MC Clara asked Park Bo Ram, "Many people are curious about your successful diet. What's the secret to your success?"

At this, Park Bo Ram responded, "I worked hard to exercise and I worked hard to control what I ate."

She continued, "I would eat things like one banana and two eggs [when i'd feel the urge to eat] during my diet. I kept up a diet steadily for two to three years."

Clara complimented Park Bo Ram on her efforts, saying, "It's not easy to maintain [a diet] for that long. It seems like your hard work paid off to look amazing in your mini-dress like this today."

And indeed, Park Bo Ram did look adorable with her lovely black dress showing off her collarbone and new, slimmer figure.

Read more about Park Bo Ram here .

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