Pan Ling Ling had to make difficult decision for dad

17 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

It has been a trying year so far for Pan Ling Ling, but the local actress is determined to overcome adversity with a smile and a positive attitude.

Last April, through a routine health scan, she found six cysts in her breasts, which led to her taking six months' medical leave from acting, reports The New Paper.

The cysts had caused discomfort and the full-time MediaCorp artist had them removed through surgery.

Then, in November, Pan's father, Mr Phua Kan See, 75 , was diagnosed with lung cancer.

On Feb 2, the third day of Chinese New Year, Pan and her brothers were notified at the hospital that her father's heart had already stopped beating for four minutes.

The doctor asked them to make a decision on the spot on whether they wanted to try to resuscitate their father.

Said Pan: "The doctor told us that if we chose to try to restart his heart, there would be a 10 per cent chance that he would survive and even then, he would be a vegetable or in a coma.

"He said, 'Let go or we will try, but you have to make the decision now.'

"I asked the doctor to give me 10 minutes but there was no time.

"My brother said, 'Sis, let go' and I didn't want to see my dad suffer any more so I did."

Pan said that they then rushed to their father's bedside to say their goodbyes.

His death was extremely difficult for her as she had been very close to him.

She declined to reveal more about her own medical condition except to say that she is feeling better now.

Photos: TNP, AsiaOne, My Paper

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