Pakho Chou says flies were attracted to him during his nude scenes

4 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Pakho Chau completed work on his film SEI FEI (FOUR NON) in Thailand and returned to Hong Kong.

He said that after days in special effect make up, his skin actually improved, reports

"Maybe from dragging the 'rotten flesh' everyday, all the dead skin and black heads were dragged off. My skin is much smoother."

He performed in the buff in a garbage dump. Originally they only shot from the back, later they still shot from the front and even shot stills.

Pakho Chau said, "Very small...I mean full nudity is a very small matter. I played the dying scene. Because the fake blood was made with syrup, thousands of flies rushed toward me.

"As long as my body had any hole they could enter they would. It was very tough. Did any actually get in? I indeed felt some brushed by.

"Later I slowly became friends with the flies. I told them it was the last scene, they could take their time!"

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