'P. Ramlee' amongst 200 who bid veteran actor Pak Sudin final goodbye

10 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Source: The New PaperSINGAPORE - Family and friends of late veteran comedian S. Shamsudin bade him a teary farewell at Pusara Abadi where he was buried on Wednesday morning. Among them is his son, Arif Samsudin (in maroon, first row), 50.SINGAPORE - Among the crowd at veteran comedian S. Shamsudin's funeral yesterday was one face that made heads turn.The face closely resembled that of the late actor's friend, co-star and director P Ramlee, who died in 1973.It was in fact, Mr Shafiie Hamzah, a well-known P. Ramlee impersonator. He was there to pay his last respects to Pak Sudin, as the comedian was affectionately known.Mr Shafiie's amazing resemblance to the late Malay film icon, who made many of his movies in Singapore, had many people doing a double-take on Thursday.He was among some 200 people, including local celebrities, at the funeral.Mr Shafiie is a friend of Pak Sudin's son, comedian Arif Samsudin, 50.Although Mr Shafiie said he was not very close to Pak Sudin, he looked up to him and admired his dedication to the craft.Mr Shafiie, a 42-year-old businessman, said Pak Sudin, whose real name was Samsudin Dali, was a "prized legend in the industry".He had the chance to meet the actor two years ago."It was very memorable to me. Even though he was sick, he still looked able, and we chatted for a while."I was very shocked when I found out through Facebook on Tuesday that he had died. I had the intention of visiting him this coming Hari Raya again but it's too late now," said MrShafiie, who represented Singapore in a Bintang P. Ramlee Nusantara competition in Sarawak in 2010.Family and friends gathered from as early as 9am to pay their last respects to the deceased at his Bukit Batok West home, before the body was taken to Almukminin Mosque for prayers and then buried at Muslim cemetery Pusara Abadi.Local and Malaysian media were present as celebrities such as singers M. Ishak and Rahimah Rahim, funnymen Mahadi Shor and Suhaimi Yusof, and actors Raffi Khan and J. A. Halim turned up to say a final farewell.Other veteran actors such as Pak Sudin's sidekick in the Bujang Lapok film series Datuk Aziz Sattar, and Wahid Satay had visited the family late on Tuesday night.Pak Sudin was one of the big names in the Golden Age of Malay cinema, in the 1950s and 60s, when Singapore was South-east Asia's Hollywood.He acted in more than 30 films, many of them comedies with P Ramlee, including Bujang Lapok, Pendekar Bujang Lapok and Nasib Si Labu Labi. His last role was in Tiga Menantu in 2008.Pak Sudin died on Tuesday at the age of 84, at the National University, Hospital. He had been suffering from bronchitis, mild Parkinson's disease and tuberculosis.He left behind his widow, Madam Puteh Ismoon, 77, seven children and 14 grandchildren.It was an emotional farewell for the much-loved father, friend and actor as his body was lowered into the grave.Arif, his fourth child, said through his tears: "There are just too many memories which we will always keep close to our hearts. In this life, you have only one father. He was ours and he was a very great one."

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