Oscar Leung sues Kenny Wee for losing million-dollar contract

9 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: Jayne StarsA short-term solution to Oscar Leung’s (梁烈唯) legal battle with Kenny Wee (黃浩) will not appear anytime soon. After Kenny Wee sued Oscar for defamation in December, the 33-year-old TVB actor is now counter-suing the restaurateur for the loss of a 10-film contract with Wong Jing, valued at more than $1 million HKD.After Kenny Wee pressed charges against Eric Tsang (曾志偉) for physical assault, Oscar Leung defended Eric and called Kenny yearning for attention and possessing “persecutory delusions.‘When Oscar failed to meet Kenny’s ultimatum to apologize, Kenny sued Oscar for defamation and sought compensatory damages.Kenny’s lawsuit against Oscar is widely criticized as picking his battles against “lightweights‘ in the industry, since Oscar was not the only artist to have publicly bashed Kenny.Million-Dollar LossOscar is fully supported by TVB, in which senior management agreed to provide Oscar with legal counsel over the matter. Young and Dangerous: Reloaded producer, Wong Jing (王晶), also sided with Oscar and expressed his intention to offer Oscar a 10-filming contracted, valued at a 7-figure sum. However, Wong withdrew his offer on concerns that Oscar may be emotionally troubled by Kenny Wee’s lawsuit, which will impact his acting performances.News surfaced today that Oscar filed a counter-lawsuit against Kenny at a Hong Kong court. Oscar is seeking compensatory damages from Kenny due to his lost multi-film contract. “The decision was made after discussions with my lawyer. Since the lawsuit is now in the hands of the court, I cannot comment further.‘TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) supports Oscar’s decision to counter-sue Kenny and will organize more work for Oscar to earn money for his lawsuit. Oscar’s manager added, “We will continue to arrange work for Oscar. However, his lost opportunities cannot be calculated immediately; it is a very long impact.‘Kenny Wee in Car AccidentIs Kenny Wee battling his lawsuits alone? The restaurateur’s recent antics have angered film producer and godfather, Charles Heung (向華強), who is ready to severe ties. Kenny’s wife, Suki Chui (徐淑敏), has declined to comment on his actions. While chauffeured on January 7, Kenny and his mother were involved in a collusion accident with another car. Kenny’s bodyguard was also in the car. The car accident was minor and did not result in any injuries to the driver nor passengers.

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