Orange Caramel shocks everyone with how they dress when sleeping

31 March 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

The bright and cheerful personalities of Orange Caramel shone on the March 28 installment of KBS's 'Lee So Ra's Music Plaza' as the girls divulged interesting stories and facts about themselves to entertain the listeners.

One of the things they said might not be so shocking anymore as countless idol groups have already come out to admit they sleep naked in the dorms, reports allkpop.

This conversation began as DJ Lee So Ra said, "Do you guys have a lot of interest in beauty and fashion? Do you guys look pretty at home, too?"

The Orange Caramel girls denied this with, "Nope.  At home, we don't wear clothes. We find being dressed to be uncomfortable."

Lee So Ra replied, "You must still wear underwear, though."

Raina said, "There are some of us who don't even wear underwear when we're sleeping. They said that it's good for the health to not wear underwear. Nana doesn't wear them."

The DJ then said, "But don't you feel somewhat empty without underwear? I feel like you wouldn't be able to sleep deeply like that."

However, Nana said from personal experience, "It's comfortable and refreshing."

The gallery shows Orange Caramel's controversial MV where they were wrapped like sushi, as well as other inappropriate dances by various Kpop girl groups.

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