Oops! Vincent Wong tries to 'save' Eliza Sam -- but ends up touching her chest?

25 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Source: Asian E-News Portal 

Vincent Wong (王浩信), Eliza Sam (岑麗香), and Selena Li (李詩韻) yesterday attended new series Flat Slave's (樓奴) opening blessing ceremony.

Vincent was asked about when filming a jumping in the sea scene a few days ago, it was suspected that he accidentally touched Eliza's chest.

The two both denied, Eliza also joked that she didn't felt it at all.

Vincent also said that his wife didn't because of this interrogate him, she knows it's for filming, at that time, he gathered all his emotions to focus in the particular scene, didn't think about other things.

Asked if there were any more suspenseful scenes to come, he said: "This scene I think is the most suspenseful. It talks about me encountering the drowning Eliza and saving her. When I was about to do CPR on her, she suddenly spurt out water into my face, so didn't get to do CPR.

(Didn't get to do CPR, disappointed?) Wah! Absolutely not. But my first time jumping into a sea is given to her. And the most funniest is that last year, we both received the Most Improved award together, and now we are both flying into the sea together (wordplay)."

He pointed that because this jumping scene was filmed the following day after a category 8 typhoon warning, since the currents were very fast, it was really dangerous.

Eliza smilingly said that before filming, she did all safety measures: "Because there is still half of the series that hasn't been filmed yet, to prevent any incidents from happening, I did all preparations."

Selena Li enjoys dating won't have a flash marriage

Selena Li and her boyfriend from outside the industry have dated for half a year but haven't thought about having a flash marriage, she smiled and said: "We're taking it slowly, if we married after dating for half a year, this frightens people. Let things happen naturally.

Like Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), even though she is living a blissful life and is happy but knowing she is someone who likes to work, the sacrifice is big. I am not at this stage yet, and my boyfriend and I can only experience our honeymoon phase one, so want to really enjoy it."

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