See what happens when plus-sized actor wears lady's uniform by mistake

22 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago
Recently, the trend of male hunks having huge muscles has proved to be very popular and it is a known fact that Nick Cheung trained his body in order to act as 'Boxing king' in the movie 'Unbeatable'.

However, Bob Lam prefers the opposite and continues to maintain his fat and cute image, reported Asian E-News Portal.

A few days ago on the internet, he uploaded a photo of himself with 'muscles' and Sammy Sum said: "Captain Bob, your muscles is very 'attractive!'"

But Lee Yee Man questioned him: "Did you wear a down jacket inside your top?"

Looking at his own image, Bob could not help but to ask his colleagues in the wardrobe department: "Did you give me Fala Chen's uniform by mistake?"

Take a look at the hilarious image of Bob in 'showing off' his body in the gallery below. 

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