Oops: Myolie Wu left red-faced after unzipping drop dead sexy hunk

23 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Source: Asian Pop News

Recently, Myolie Wu attended an event and was left red-faced.

She was arranged with several muscular men on stage, and even had to unzip a man who was in a sleeping bag. Unzipping halfway, Myolie realised that the muscular man was topless and she was so embarrassed that she stopped unzipping halfway.

Myolie admitted that she was very embarrassed on stage with the hunks.

“It’s very rare that I am surrounded by many hunks. (Are you worried that your boyfriend might get jealous?) No, he is very gracious,” said Myolie.

Asked if her boyfriend also had muscles, Myolie said, “Of course, but I didn’t count how many. I will check it out when I get back.”

Myolie shared that as she and her boyfriend had a love for food, they hit at gym regularly to burn the calories. She will also be going to Beijing soon to film a series for 2 months.

See the gallery below for photos of what happened as well as more images of the gorgeous Myolie Wu.

Myolie Wu
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