Oops! Local blogger Xiaxue probably did NOT mean to include that

24 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

One of the recent posts on famous local blogger Xiaxue's Instagram had people spotting out one weird caption -- why does it start "Hello Wendy!" when her name is Wendy?

Stomper Alvira was bemused to point out this error.

It was a sponsored advertorial post for SkinnyMint Tea on Aug 22, which read, "Loving my SkinnyMint tea! The morning boost is supposed to make you less bloated, increase alertness, lessen cravings and snackings, and have anti anxiety properties!"

Only that the blogger had forgotten to cut out: "Hey Wendy! Here's your EDITED caption for SkinnyMint tea 2nd IG" in front of it.

It was deleted and reposted with the intended caption, but fans with fast fingers had already taken a screenshot and posted comments on it. 

This move had some blog readers questioning if reviews for sponsored items are really accurate, as bloggers evidently post what the advertisers want them to instead of their 100% true opinions.

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