Aarif Lee should be more careful of which body part he's grabbing in public

9 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Caught driving to the airport to pick up Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) earlier, it was speculated that singer-actor Aarif Lee (李治廷) is dating the Mainland superstar after filming The Empress of China <武則天>.

Since their relationship became a hot topic, Aarif evidently became the paparazzi’s new favorite target.

Appearing in the Kowloon area with his female assistant earlier this week, Aarif was caught grabbing his crotch in the open public.

Dressed in a casual t-shirt and cargo shorts, Aarif stepped out of his vintage Porsche with his assistant in Kowloon.

Chatting on his cell phone, Aarif had his other hand in his pocket.

Casually strolling the streets, Aarif took his free hand out of his pocket and suddenly grabbed his crotch area, which had a slight bulge.

Taking a few steps, he bent his back and each leg up several times while continuing to readjust his shorts.

Although Aarif thought no one was watching his actions in public, he may have momentarily forgotten that his female assistant was trailing behind him.

The assistant appeared highly shocked at the singer’s actions in public and could not help but to stare in surprise.

Unfortunately for Aarif, his crotch-grabbing actions were caught entirely on camera.

His fans immediately recognized Aarif and asked him for a group photo.

Although caught unaware, Aarif was not embarrassed and quickly put his phone down to take photos with his fans.

Check out the gallery to view images of Aarif Lee and Fan Bing Bing.  Photo 1 shows Aarif Lee grabbing his crotch in public. 

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