Only one girl can make Simon Yam stop smoking, and it's not his wife

18 October 2013 / 3 years 6 days ago

There's only one girl who can make my husband quit smoking but unfortunately, it is not me, joked Qi Qi when asked about Simon Yam's habit of lighting up.

And the special one who has an almighty power over Yam is none other than his daughter, reported My Paper.

Speaking at an promotional event for healthy living, Qi Qi made the amusing revelation when she was asked about the 10-carat diamond ring given to her by Yam for her hard work in taking care of matters at home.

She said that although he gives her a score of 110, her pleas to him to kick the habit are useless on him and instead, "only our daughter is effective in asking him to stop".

When asked about whether their daughter punished Yam by making him stand up -- the little one had done the same in the past when Yam was filming a dangerous scene -- Qi Qi replied that "being punished like that has become a very important part of him".

Yam added himself: "It's good that my daughter punishes me like that, and lets me know what things I should or shouldn't do".

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