One Direction movie hopes to correct band's tarnished image

14 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

A new movie is hoping to correct some of the bad press associated with boy band One Direction.

Two weeks ago, Directioners – the term used for One Direction fans – were upset with the British version of a little magazine called GQ.

According to a report by The New Paper, Directioners were appalled by how their idols and the fans had been treated by the magazine.

But the boys are blasting into cinemas everywhere to set things right. From Aug 29, fans will get to see them on the big screen in their concert-documentary movie, One Direction: This Is Us. Directed by Morgan Spurlock– the same guy who made a big bad monster out of fast food giant McDonald’s with his Oscar-nominated 2004 documentary Super Size Me – it aims to present a version of the boys neglected by the tabloids.

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