Old 'unglam' photos of Show Luo surfaces -- and rude netizens blast him

11 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

On Weibo, Taiwanese singer Jimmy Lin uploaded an old black and white photo of himself and Show Luo taken 3 years ago.  

He left a message: "Show Luo, remember this photo?"

Show replied after few minutes: "I remember. Please take a look at my Weibo!"

The playful Show Luo shared 2 old photos of themselves in despair and asked Jimmy: "Still remember these 2 old photos?"

Many fans changed their impression of Show and commented that he was a crazy person.

Said a netizen: "I used to think Show was a quiet and dashing man. After seeing his Weibo, I feel that he is indeed released from the mental hospital."

See the gallery below to see the photos he posted and more photos of Show Luo.

Show Luo
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