Oh Jong Hyuk shocks team members after getting hurt on TV show

23 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Emotions ran high on the December 20th broadcast of the 'Laws of the Jungle' as the team tried to gather branches and leaves for a makeshift shelter to avoid the heavy rain.

Oh Jong Hyuk, who has always been eager to help with his strong survival instincts, climbed a tree to cut a branch of leaves but his hands slipped, leading to an alarming finger injury which put the whole team in shock. 

It turned out that the split branches of the tree he had grabbed onto when he slipped sliced deep into his pinky finger, reports All Kpop.

While Oh Jong Hyuk was receiving treatment for his injury, he tried to put on a brave face and even smiled despite grimacing and biting his arm from the pain.

Seeing Oh Jong Hyuk in pain, yet trying to smile at his fellow cast members and even apologizing over and over for causing them to worry, some of his fellow members, especially the maknae Chanyeol couldn't help but spill tears.

Seeing Chanyeol shedding tears, Oh Jong Hyuk tried to reassure him that he was alright, yet Chanyeol couldn't stop. The idol eventually walked off to the side by himself in attempt to control his overflowing emotions.

When interviewed later about the situation, Chanyeol said, "I saw him receiving treatment. Even though it must have hurt so much, he held in the pain and would smile at us... Seeing that made my heart hurt for him. That's why I started to cry." 

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