Oh In Hye wanted to sue plastic surgeon for calling her body fake

16 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Oh In Hye recently revealed that she had considered suing a cosmetic surgeon who had remarked recently that her kind of bosom was '100 per cent fake'.

According to a report on OhKPop, the unnamed surgeon had appeared on a cable channel programme where he nonchlantly said with reference to her chest, “These kinds of breasts are 100% fake.”

Oh In Hye explained, “For a moment I was so shocked and angry I thought of suing him. The public would have no hesitation in believing him since he is a specialist. I think that day I drank and cried a lot."

She added, "It was easier to take in all the hateful comments but I could not stand distorted rumours. I even thought, ‘Did I do something that bad to make that person lie to the public?’"

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