Obsessed Japanese fan buys $1.6million apartment to be Jam Hsiao's neighbour -- and scares him at midnight

22 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Despite being warned to watch her words, Japanese fan Yuki has made headlines again by declaring her admiration for Jam Hsiao.

Apple Daily via Asianpopnews reports that coming from a wealthy family, Yuki has been supporting Jam for seven years and has spent lavishly on her idol just to get close to him. Yuki reportedly spent NT$14 million to make herself a sponsor for his concerts and attended events to seek photo-taking opportunities with Jam.
She even spent NT$40 million to buy an apartment just a level below Jam’s house, so that she could become his neighbour. Yuki then started to harass Jam by pressing his door bell at the midnight to deliver a pot of soup to him. Jam was so frightened that he called the security guard to chase her away.
Subsequently, Jam received a series of threats, suspeceted to have been sent by Yuki. Yuki insisted she was innocent and decided to sue Jam and his manager, Summer for defamation.
Recently, Yuki invited Taiwanese media to visit her house and explained she had nothing to do with the threats. She said, “I only sent him soup once.”
Yuki also showed the reporters a crystal piano which she bought it for NT$4 million as a gift to Jam. The piano was specially made for Jam for his birthday present last year, after knowing that he loved crystal pianos.
It was also engraved with words to convey her love for him, “Dearest Jam, With Love, From Yuki”.
“I bought this for his birthday in March last year. The manufacturer said that they needed 6 months for advance order. After so many unhappy incidents, I guess he won’t want to accept the gift now.”
Yuki added, “If he accepts it and has an amicable settlement with me, I will withdraw my charges.”
Yuki said that the past six months were a torment to her, and she could only fall asleep after making herself drunk. She said that her “heart for Jam is dead”, and she will lead a new life.
Earlier, Yuki hinted on her Weibo that she had a one night stand with Jam. Responding to that, Yuki said, “I was only saying. There was no such thing.”
On the NT$4 million dollar gift, Jam’s manager, Summer said, “We rejected her piano last year, but she said that she was only placing it at our company. She can’t just do whatever she likes. We suggest that she donates the piano to help more people.”
When told that Yuki had retracted her “one night stand” statement, Summer said, “Unless she apologises openly, she will have to be responsible for her words.”

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