Obese woman dies slowly after being unable to eat due to gastric bypass operation

23 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

Angela Jones, 42, died a slow, agonising death as her weight plummeted from 26st to 5st because she was unable to keep food down.

Bubbly mum Angela Jones starved to death aged just 42 ­after gastric-bypass surgery left her unable to eat, reports Asiantown.

Her heartbroken daughter has told how their family was ripped apart by the tragedy and wants to warn others about the dangers of weight-loss surgery.

Chantel Graf, 19, desperately tried to feed her mum but she and sister Melissa, 23, could only watch as Angela died a slow, agonising death.

The mum of two had weighed 26st at her heaviest and after years of trying to lose weight naturally believed a gastric bypass would transform her life, finally making her slim and happy.

Instead her weight plummeted ­alarmingly and she lost 127kg in just 12 months when the operation left her unable to keep down food.

Her marriage collapsed under the strain and Angela died four years after the op, weighing just 31kg.

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