Now, who will be Psy's successor?

16 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: Asia One/New Paper
Photo: Reuters

Haven't we all had enough of K-pop superstar Psy's killer hit Gangnam Style?

After scoring more than 678 million views on YouTube, it brings forward another question - who will be his successor?

HyunA, a member of Korean girl group 4Minute and famous for her guest appearance in Psy's horse-riding dance video, seems to be next in line, suggests British daily The Guardian.

She has just released a titillating music video, Ice Cream, featuring a scene-stealing Psy cameo which is taken off her latest EP, Melting.

Then there's Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-In, whose new video Bloom is so dazzling that US music site predicts she will topple Psy's goofy reign in no time.

Jocks from UFM100.3, Ken Low (KL) and Kenneth Kong (KK), mouth off on who would make a more worthy successor to Psy...
KK: HyunA was featured in Psy's Gangnam Style video, so that gives her a head start.
Psy has also appeared in her new Ice Cream video.
That means the pair have developed a relationship and it's all about continuity.

KL: I do believe that HyunA has built up her international fame - or Western fame - because of Psy and the whole Gangnam Style hype, but really, once people get tired of that, they'll probably get tired of her too.

KK: Not yet!

KL: No, seriously, once people start talking about it, or about her and the Gangnam video, they would probably say, "Stop it, I'm sick of it and I don't want to hear it any more".

This is why the successor should be someone entirely different from them, like Ga-In.
Plus, Brown Eyed Girls have very dedicated fans.

KK: Just that you have very dedicated fans doesn't mean you can rule the world.

KL: Super Junior should also be a good choice...
Their hit single Sorry, Sorry is extremely catchy and it's all about the chorus, isn't it?

KK: You know what? Actually, it's all about sex appeal.

And that is what HyunA has, she really does have sex appeal, even in the way she sings.

KL: Ga-In's latest TinkerBell music video has a lot of dance steps that are super seductive.

KK: But the music has to be simple and slightly repetitive...and the dance steps need to have a tinge of humour.
Sex appeal seals the deal.

KL: Then again, too much sex appeal isn't good because that appeals only to guys.
In the K-pop world, it's the female fans who go wild and crazy over the artistes.
They are also the reason behind videos going viral on the Internet.

KK: Sex appeal works for me and I think it'll work for HyunA.
I'm sure she will stand a chance in the US.

KL: I think Super Junior have the best chance, but I think ultimately, it will be a tough fight between Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-In and Super Junior.
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