Now-married Angela Tong tries to avoid kissing scenes but gets pressured to do it

19 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

After tying the knot with Chin Ka Lok and then giving birth to their daughter, Alyssa, Angela Tong is set to return to television screens next week in a new TVB drama.

Queen Divas will see Tong star alongside Nancy Sit, Joyce Tang, Evergreen Mak and Pierre Ngo. She plays good friends with Tang who join the showbiz industry together but see their friendship break down due to repeated misunderstandings, reported TVB News World.

Eventually, they both marry into a wealthy family, as Angela married Pierre Ngo and Joyce married his brother Evergreen Mak.

The two took their competition to the next level, and started fighting for favor in the family. In the end, their mother-in-law Nancy Sit had to step in to settle them down.

This is Angela's first series after giving birth and now that she's already a married woman, she tries to avoid partaking in kiss scenes, but unfortunately she wasn't able to escape from it.

She said while laughing: "After I got married, I didn't really want to do kiss scenes. I thought I got away with it in the bed scene I had with Pierre.

"But to my surprise, everyone shouted 'kiss him, kiss him' during our wedding scene, and I don't know how we ended up with one kiss.

"When that scene airs, I'm turning off the TV, so my husband can't watch it."

While they play friends turned bickering sisters-in-law, Angela and Joyce actually share a great chemistry thanks to their time together in the TVB Artistes Training Class, where they were classmates.

Angela said: "We had many funny scenes, just like the wedding scene, Joyce played a joke on me by patting the 'bye bye' meat on my arm. We were laughing to death." 

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