Nothing ignites Selena Gomez like Justin Bieber's immaturity: Source

13 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: HollywoodLifeThere is once again trouble in paradise for Hollywood’s hottest young couple, as several eyewitnesses saw Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have a massive argument after Justin’s performance at Jingle Ball on Dec. 3. Justin performed at LA’s Nokia Theater, and onlookers say that Selena “stormed off‘ out of his dressing room, and afterwards she drove away without him!Selena, 20, and Justin, 18, are famous for having public fights, as one lunch date on Nov. 16 resulted in Selena storming out of Californian restaurant Yamato before they even ate! She then drove home and refused to let Justin inside her house, and so he stood outside her gates crying. And now they have had another similarly dramatic fight, which occurred at the Jingle Ball concert.“Selena was in Justin’s dressing room, and she stormed off‘, a source tells In Touch. After the show, Selena was seen getting in Justin’s tour bus, and she emerged an hour later.“She got into her car and started to drive away. Justin knocked on the window, but she sped right past him!‘ an eyewitness told Life&Style.Why Justin and Selena were fighting is still unknown, but apparently Selena is really starting to notice the two year age gap between them. “Nothing ignites Selena like Justin’s immaturity,‘ a source close to Selena tells In Touch.This is hopefully just a bump in the road for the cute couple, as previously reported that the pair are confident that their love can survive during Justin’s upcoming “Believe‘ tour. “Selena will be making the trips she can when she isn’t working, but June won’t be a problem as he will be in the West Coast,‘ a source close to the couple said.The source also said that “Justin is crazy about Selena. It’s just so obvious with the way he looks at her.‘ Aw!

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