Not as old as you'd expect: Guess how old this mother-daughter duo is?

10 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

Tracey Gibson, 45, and her daughter Zara Hartshorn, 18, both suffer from a rare condition which makes fat dissolve beneath tissue.

The condition called suffer Lipodystrophy makes their skin wrinkle prematurely. 

While Zara had a face-lift at the age of 16 to stave off bullies, her mother has long suffered lingering stares and cruel nicknames, reports AsianTown via Dailymail.

Having been rejected by the NHS for a free operation, the mother of seven thought she would be forever trapped in a sinking face.

But, two years since her daughter received free surgery from American doctors, the 45-year-old has unveiled her new £50,000 face after being flown overseas to receive the same VIP treatment.

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