Not easy: Sammy Sum had to lock lips with co-star until director was satisfied

18 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

TVB's new series Line Walker begun filming in September of last year, but it went through alot of changes along the way.

According to an article in Asian Universe Net, Tony Leung's rib injury caused him to redraw from the series and Sammy Leung Sum Mei) decided to call it quits too due to health reasons.

His role was first replaced by Joe Ma, but then he turned down the role and ultimately the role went to Sammy Sum.

Last night, Sammy and Sharon Chan were redoing a kiss scene that Sharon had previously done with Sum Mei.

Not long after joining the cast, Sammy was given a kiss scene.

That night, Sammy and Sharon were by the harbor in Central filming romantic scenes.

The first scene started off with the two passionately gazing at one another, followed by a tight embrace and then finally a passionate kiss.

Although the two were very into character for the kiss scene, they still had several NGs.

They had to do the kiss scene about six times before the director was satisfied by it. 

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