North Korean citizens secretly watch PSY’s Gangnam Style

15 February 2013 / 4 years 4 months ago

You know you’re a famous singer if North Korean citizens risk their lives to watch your music video in secret!Soompi reported that on February 13, an online community forum posted several screen captures of a video inside a house of North Korean citizens where the PSY‘˜s “Gangnam Style‘ music video is played on the television screen.The screen captures reveal framed pictures of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jung Eun on a wall. It’s been noted that the two figures huddled underneath a blanket were moving their shoulders along to the addicting beat.Netizens who saw the screen captures and video commented, “It looks like ‘˜Gangnam Style’ is popular in North Korea. You have to reach at least this many people to be a real world star,‘ “To think that they’re enjoying ‘˜Gangnam Style’ in the middle of experimenting nuclear tests, I feel a bit choked up,‘ “They must be high up like Kim Jung Eun to have access to this kind of content.‘View the gallery below to see these and other images of life in North Korea.

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