No wonder Fan Bingbing's so proud of X-men role: Here's how hard she works

17 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) will finally realize her Hollywood dreams when American superhero film X-Men: Days of Future Past hit theaters worldwide on May 23.

Despite frequent criticism over her diva attitude, Bingbing displayed professionalism during filming and found the experience eye-opening, reports Jayne Stars.

Although Bingbing made her Hollywood debut in 2013′s Iron Man 3, she only appeared briefly in the Mainland Chinese version and her scene was completely removed from the film’s international cut.

Luckily, she was given a second chance to introduce herself to the global audience via the latest installment of the X-Men movie series. Bingbing plays the role of Blink, a mutant with teleportation powers who fights alongside franchise villain Magneto.

Different from the original comics, Blink has been re-written as an Asian character in an attempt to inject international flavor into the film. While her ethnicity was changed, the production team is careful to retain Blink’s distinctive look.

Bingbing had to sit in a makeup chair for four hours every day in order to achieve Blink’s violet skin and piercing green eyes.

She also committed herself to exercising three hours a day to fit into her tight costume, which weighed over twenty pounds.

Despite the hardships from filming in English and in full costume, Bingbing is very proud of her involvement and is even more so for putting China under the global spotlight.

When asked to discuss the film’s Chinese aspects at its Beijing premiere on May 13, Bingbing replied without hesitation, “I am the best Chinese element in this film.”

Bingbing is very open-minded when it comes to learning from her Hollywood colleagues. Praising her co-stars’ professionalism, she was pleasantly surprised to find that most are very humble and offered help freely.

“Every single actor helped me complete my shots. Even though the cameras were not on them, they still stood opposite of me [to serve as position reference]. I felt very touched.”

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