No wonder all the boys liked Hyeri in school -- see how she used to look like

7 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Girl's Day appeared on the March 6 installment of MBC Music's 'Picnic' where they revealed that member Hyeri claimed to have been quite popular during her school days.

According to reports on allkpop, Soompi and Dkpopnews, Sojin said, "Hyeri is very proud, always saying she was the goddess of Jamsil, Songpa-gu.

"Previously on a reality program, Yura had said everyone would know who Kim Ah Young (herself) of Ulsan Arts High School was, but when we went to Ulsan, her friends said this was untrue. I think today, we have to hear about this Jamsil goddess."

Hyeri's friend from school supported her claims by saying, "Hyeri was popular in middle school."  Minah asked, "How popular was she? Was she hit on a couple of times on the streets or did multiple male classmates like Hyeri?"

Hyeri answered, "When the alumni meet up, there's something they say: half of the male classmates liked me." Hyeri's friend contradicted this with, "I don't think so. Three to four of them liked Hyeri."

Hyeri said, "My friend doesn't know that well. Because of me, there was even a time one school went up against another school. My school's gang and another school's gang even fought once. They really fought as one large group.

"It was similar to the fight scene in the movie 'Temptation of Wolves.' That is all," making everyone laugh.

Netizens then took to the internet to dig up her past photos to see if she was truly as beautiful as she claimed to be back then -- and they were not disappointed! Some people even said she somehow looked like Kim Tae Hee in those photos. 

Browse the gallery to see how Hyeri as well as other celebs used to look like.

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