No red carpet treatment for modest billionaire Veronica Yip

6 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: Popular AsiansAfter a 16-year hiatus, 45-year-old Veronica Yip, is back in Hong Kong to film new movie, I Love HK 2013. There was no red carpet treatment for this billionaire as she was seen getting on a company van instead of a limousine. She was also not given an assistant. Yet, no diva attitude was seen.Since moving to the United States after getting married in 1996, Veronica has taken a long break from show business. She is now back in Hong Kong with her Chinese-American businessman husband, Jeffrey Wu, to film the 2013 Lunar New Year movie.I Love HK 2013 is a Eric Tsang production that includes Alan Tam , who is cast as Veronica’s husband. Wong Cho Lam is cast as their eldest son and Jacqueline Chong, as Wong Cho Lam’s wife. Lai Lok Yi will act as Veronica and Alan’s younger son.Veronica did not show any snobbish attitude on set of I Love Hong Kong 2013. She was also seen braving the rain with the other cast members, under a canopy of a large tent held up by 4 staff members.The cast members only had praises for Veronica. Jacqueline Chong said, “Veronica has no airs. Her skin and body is still so well maintained. We don’t feel awkward around her. And she is nice to give the younger actors advice.‘ Apparently, not only was Veronica tolerant of the younger actors, she also had no airs while talking to them.Residing in the United States for 16 years, Veronica had problems speaking Cantonese again now that she is back in Hong Kong. “Initially I was flabbergasted when I read the script and realized I couldn’t read it fluently. I wonder if it was a mistake to agree to take on this role!‘ This was only a little obstacle for her though. She soon found herself speaking the language with ease after a short adjustment.Veronica’s filming schedule is from 9 PM to 5 AM every day, which suits her very well, as it means she does not have to deal with jet lag.Veronica was happy to be able to see her mother now that she is back in Hong Kong. Whenever she has a break, she will go out with her 89-year-old mother, or meet with friends whom she has not seen or talked to for a long time.However, that does not stop Veronica from missing her eldest daughter who is in the United States. Although Veronica’s filming time will last approximately 8 days, she is considering flying her daughter over to Hong Kong to accompany her.

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