No pre-nuptial agreement and other details about Jay Chou's wedding

6 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Jay Chou has been busy preparing his upcoming wedding with Hannah Quinlivan. The couple will get married in Europe on January 18, which coincides with Jay’s 36th birthday. A larger banquet celebration will be held in Taiwan in February or March.

No pre-nuptial Agreement

Although Jay has an estimated net worth of 1 billion RMB, he has never applied for any credit cards and continues to use cash. He revealed that after marriage, he would probably continue to get an allowance from his mother, whereas Hannah will manage her own finances separately.

He also added that they will not sign any pre-nuptial agreements, reports Jayne Stars. He said, “I often don’t have any cash on me, and sometimes I even need [Hannah] to pay for me with her credit cards. I think this is what it means to be a family.”

Lasted the longest with Hannah

Jay admitted that Hannah is not the first woman he had thought was “the one”. He had believed in that he found the right woman in past relationships, but they never seemed to last past the two-year or three-year mark.

Hannah was the only woman Jay had dated for four years. He said candidly, “Being with me is not easy at all. She is the one who has to suffer, having been with me for so long!”

Jay treasured the “true love” he had with Hannah, as they rarely fought. In fact, it was so rare that Jay found it hard to even recall what they fought about.

Although the couple has a 14-year age gap, Jay said it was not a problem due to their similar personalities. “That’s because we are at the same level of maturity,” Jay laughed and said, “We are like little kids when we are together.”

The only difference they had was their taste in movies, but Hannah would compromise by watching the movies that Jay did not like with her own friends instead.

Remains close to family

The couple’s wedding will be held in Europe with a vintage theme, to be attended by 50 guests. Despite the small size of the wedding, the costs are estimated at 2 million RMB.

They will follow up with a wedding banquet in Taiwan, out of respect for his elderly grandmother who would be unable to attend the celebration in Europe.

Since Jay is very close to his mother, Hannah will move into their house after marriage. Hannah gets along very well with Jay’s marriage and the trio often takes vacations together.

With their living arrangements after marriage, Jay is not worried about any conflicts between his mother and Hannah.

Jay also promised to release one album every year even though his main focus in life would be family after marriage.

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