No cure and medication for Kara Hui's foot

14 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Artist Kara Hui yesterday attended her cable program's Big Bowl Feast with a cast on her foot.

According to an article in hktopten, her friend Chin Siu Ho, Chung Wai Bing and Richard Ng Yiu Han also attended.

When asked why her left leg was in a cast, she revealed that her left leg tendon has eroded.

"It's an old wound that accumulated from a long term injury, perhaps because earlier I ran like crazy to prepare for my new film it was triggered. I couldn't walk for a few days.

"Later, the doctor said that my left leg had very little tendon left, so I had to be in a cast for three weeks."

Later she also said that her right leg was also severely injured.

"The kneecap had blood clots, the tendons were torn."

She admitted that she cried from the pain of her leg injuries because the doctor said there was no cure.

"The doctor said there is no medication and no cure. I can only wait for the tendon to grow back!"

She added that after her leg was placed in the cast, her condition improved.

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