No CNY steamboat for Fann and Chris' little Zed: Here's why

28 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

It's baby Zed's first Chinese New Year. And, boy, has the six-month-old changed things for his parents.

Local celebrity couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee even did away with the usual steamboat spread for their annual reunion lunch, all for the sake of keeping him "safe", reports AsiaOne via The New Paper.

Wong, 44, told The New Paper: "Every year, we have steamboat and lo hei (prosperity toss) with my family, but because of Zed, we changed a little this year as I was a little scared (for his safety)."

Instead, they ordered dishes like pen cai (a "treasure pot" filled with premium seafood), roast meat and claypot rice from a restaurant for the Chinese New Year's Eve meal last Wednesday.

As for little Zed, he feasted on his own cod fish and carrot porridge.

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