No! Avatar fans, this news will make you cry in frustration

21 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Source: ST Communities

James Cameron has confirmed that the schedule for his ambitious Avatar sequels has been pushed back, with initial plans to release the first sequel during Christmas 2016 pushed to Christmas 2017.

The director plans to shoot three sequels simultaneously and then release the films one year after the other.

Meaning fans can look forward to the series being complete in 2019! Cameron confirmed this in an interview with AP, reported by Deadline.

“There’s a layer of complexity in getting the story to work as a saga across three films that you don’t get when you’re making a stand-alone film,” said Cameron.

He admitted in the interview that the initial project deadlines might have been too ambitious, taking into consideration the script writing and all the 3D and special effects work the team has to complete.

“It took me six months to write the first (script) and we’re writing three altogether,” Cameron explained.

Though it means that Avatar 2 will come after a huge gap of eight years following the original Avatar, more time for the writers could mean a better developed and indepth script.

Though exact dates have not been confirmed, Avatar 2 is now expected to be released in theateres in late 2017, followed by Avatar 3 in 2018 and Avatar 4 in 2019. 

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