Niki Chow's new boyfriend has a 'superior' family background

30 September 2013 / 3 years 3 weeks ago

After several failed relationships, Niki Chow is finally ready for a new romance.

She was recently photographed with her new boyfriend Jeremy Tsui when they spent the night together at a hotel.

Niki and Jeremy met and clicked on the set of drama The Virtuous Queen of Han, reports Jayne Stars ans ihktv.

Jeremy is dgood looking and earned over 20 million RMB in the past year for work.

Jeremy also comes from a wealthy background and is dubbed the second Huang Xiaoming for his popularity in mainland China.

Jeremy was born in Shanghai and his parents are government officials. The family’s hardware stores are well established, with family assets valued at 100 million RMB.

With a superior family background and a rapidly advancing career, it is no wonder Niki has fallen for Jeremy even though he is five years her junior.

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