Niki Chow nearly died in China

10 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Niki Chow was almost involved in a near-fatal car accident in China, where she is currently filming a period drama, The First Empress.According to, when Niki arrived in China, she suffered a near fatal auto accident. Niki changed to a seven-passenger car to go from Hangzhou to Hengdian for her filming. On her way there in the morning, because the road is bumpy, the car suddenly had a flat tire and the driver lost his balance. He did not step on his brake immediately and a big truck was heading his way. Luckily, the car swerved in time and landed on a curb. At that time, Niki was sleeping soundly in the back seat. Niki was later woken up by her manager and assistant.Fortunately, the production crew who were sitting in the front seats turned the steering wheel in time to avoid the collision. When reporters asked Niki of the near-death accident, she revealed she was still feeling jittery. “Luckily, I am alright. We are thankful that no one is injured. After Niki waited for two hours inside the car, the police finally arrived and helped them to change the tire of the car.Niki wrote on Weibo, “We are safe; we have reached the hotel already! Getting ready to work! Thanks for your concern and the help of the crew members!‘ Actress Christine Ng (伍咏薇) showed her concern and, asked Niki to be careful.Niki Chow (周丽淇) is currently filming mainland Chinese period drama The First Empress (大汉贤后卫子夫) with Raymond Lam (林峯). A collaboration between China and Hong Kong’s Now TV, this drama will be directed by husband-and-wife team Lau Kar Ho (劉家豪) and Mui Siu Ching (梅小青).Last week, Niki was recording for Super Trio Maximus (超级无敌奖门人终极篇) with Michael Miu (苗侨伟) and Bosco Wong (黄宗泽). During one of the segments where the artists had to speak the truth, Michael asked Niki, “Didn’t you go for plastic surgery?‘ Niki replied,“If I want a makeover to my face, I will make my nose sharper because it’s very flat now, but have never thought of breast implants because I don’t want a heavy responsibility.‘ Seems that Niki has resumed her composure after the accident and is back to her bubbly self.Related:Niki Chow falls off seat when Michael Tse touched her thighsTVB actress Niki Chow has a new Caucasian boyfriendNiki Chow will stop being picky in order to find her Mr RightNiki Chow will wear bikini if new drama does well

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