Nicky Wu worked as trash collector and car washer to help family

16 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: Jayne StarsRiding on the success of his mainland hit TV drama, Bu Bu Jing Xin , Nicky Wu’s (吳奇隆) career experienced an amazing revival. Establishing his own production studio, the world is Nicky’s oyster. However, not every thing was as perfect as the world sees it. Appearing on Where to Listen , Nicky spoke about his tough childhood, working several jobs at the age of 13 to financially help his family, and touched upon on his current lack of a love life.A Strict FatherNicky is not the only boy in the family. However, his father was particularly strict when raising him. If Nicky was not placed in the top three students of his class, Nicky would receive a spanking from his father. One time Nicky’s father caught him altering his report card to make it seem like he earned better scores, and he received a severe beating as a result. Because of that, Nicky felt he was poorly and unfairly treated, and his relationships with his brothers started to weaken. Nicky said, “I told myself I must be adopted since I felt they are always the favorites."Trash Collector and Car WasherAt the age of 13, Nicky started working part-time to help out the family financially. Waking up at 5 AM to pick up and sort trash for his morning shift job, Nicky also earned money doing car washes at night. Looking at how he earned a paltry few dollars per day back during his teenage years, to how he is supporting his entire family now, he certainly has come a long way.Not Looking for Love IntentionallyNicky also spoke about his lack of a romantic life since his divorce with Ma Yashu (馬雅舒). He said he will simply accept romance to come naturally, but will not force himself into it. “Before I would tell myself, ‘˜Why does everyone have a girlfriend and I don’t ?’ When I tried hard and finally found one, I didn’t have time to spend with her and we ended up arguing many times. At the end I realized I have problems dealing with romance and a career at the same time.‘Nicky also expressed, “Being alone is sometimes empty and boring, but on the other hand, it’s nice to be free!‘

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