Nicky Wu shocks media with bizarre response when asked if he was getting married

29 July 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

After announcing their relationship, Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu have no qualms about displaying their affections openly.

At the 2013 Baidu Fei Dian Awards last year, Nicky even kissed Cecilia on stage to show his love for her.

Recently, the lovebirds were seen together at the airport. According to an article in Asian Pop News, they held hands while walking and did not mind the stares.

However, Nicky gave a rather bizarre answer when asked if he was about to get married soon.

The 43-year-old reportedly shouted: "Woof!" when as journalist asked him.

Everyone was shocked and speechless when he did that, and upon seeing the reactions, he expressed that he had no intention of getting married now, but will hold a wedding banquet if her gets married one day.

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