Nick Cheung's superstitious little gimmick had audiences gripped by real fear

23 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

For his director's debut of "Hungry Ghost Rituals", Nick Cheung made paper dolls crafted to the looks of the leads in the film, Ka Fai and Annie Liu -- and placed them in cinemas.

According to hktopten, some curious movie-goers went for a closer look and got a huge scare by the creepy dolls, which is commonly associated with the Chinese custom of paper offerings for the dead.

Although paper dolls were made of them, Ka Fai was not superstitious and even joked that the doll looked 90% like him.

The film company then asked someone specialised in paper offerings to "tailor" the paper version of Ka Fai and Sum Yau.

After seeing the paper doll version of himself, Ka Fai praised the decent craftsmanship and resemblance, but he did not realise it was Sum Yau's doll next to his.

He even joked, "Maybe because I look like a paper doll, so the result is more realistic." Ka Fai even put the dolls together and looked at them in detail.

He attentively looked for a good spot for the photographer to take photos. Instead, the crew was superstitious and worried by the way he handled the dolls.

Ka Fai confessed that shoots often took place in some remote mountain side or some dark places like the cemetery, but he felt that as long as he watched what he said and did he was fine.

He believed that friends in the netherworld would understand that they were just making a movie.

Ka Fai even revealed that during the paper doll production, a worker was suspected of "catching something" and felt ill. However, the actor used reason and logic to explain this and did not feel scared.

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