Nick Cheung told transgender beauty to stick out her tongue during kissing scene

5 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Nick Cheung Ka Fai's kiss with transgender Poyd in the film The White Storm has become a talking point.

Earlier he admitted he had to overcome a mental obstacle, and even joked that after the shoot he could not breathe at all and felt that he would soon suffocate and faint.

With little performance experience, Poyd had to perform a passionate kiss with Nick, reports : Mingpao and HK Top Ten.

To get into character, she stuck to Nick set. She chatted with him and stared at him for no reason.

Nick initially felt first felt that Poyd's method was very awkward, but later got used to it and felt it was professional of her.

Poyd revealed that during the kiss scene Nick said, "You have to stick out your tongue."

Nick explained, "I was scaring her, I was afraid that she lacked experience and would not be in character enough. I wouldn't take such an initiative!"

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