Nicholas Tse's new cookie bakery in Hong Kong draws 'grandma army'

12 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Hong Kong star Nicholas Tse has enjoyed huge success as an actor, singer, cooking show host and most recently, a bakery shop boss.

According to a report in AsiaOne, his latest joint venture, a cookie bakery in Hong Kong's Central, draws a long line of people every day from 6am.

So popular are the cookies, which retail for HKD200 (S$35) per box, that enterprising Hong Kong elderly (or the "Grandma Army" as they are known) have found a way to make a quick buck off the latest food fad.

They reportedly join the snaking queues to purchase boxes of cookies before selling them online for double the price.

According to My Paper, Nicholas released a statement through his manager, stating that he hopes their 'cookie trade' can help supplement their income, but is afraid that standing in line for hours would be too hard on them.

The manager added that they are aware of the lucrative 'black market' that the popular cookies has generated, but are unable to increase production, in order to maintain the quality of the product.

In addition to the boxes of cookies designated for charity sales, there are only 500 boxes up for grabs daily.

The shop, which opened on May 7, was set up in partnership with Hong Kong bakery chain Beyond Dessert, and its name "Taste of Feng", is a play on Nicholas' Chinese name, Xie Tingfeng.

The signature cookies come in four flavours - Sour (Lemon), Spicy (Chilli), Sweet (Butter), and Bitter (Chocolate).

The shop's interior also features a drawing of a bear, wearing a chef's hat inscribed with his name, Nic - a nod to 'Chef Nic', his popular food programme on China's Zhejiang TV.

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