Nicholas Tse's medical records get leaked online

19 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Nicholas Tse’s (謝霆鋒) food travelogue television show Chef Nic <十二道鋒味> aired to positive reception last year. Renewed for a second season, filming has already commenced.

While filming an episode involving crabs, Nic injured his finger from crab pincers. The amount of blood worried staff members and Nic was immediately sent to the hospital for x-rays, where he was scheduled for surgical removal of the remnants from the crab pincers.

Not surprisingly, photos of Nic bloody finger circulated online.

However, much to Nic’s surprise, his medical records, x-rays, personal identification number, and other private information were leaked and posted on the Internet without his consent, reports Jayne Stars.

Nic issued a statement through his manager Mani Fok’s (霍汶希) Weibo.

“When someone’s personal privacy and medical records are circulated online like crazy under unsuspecting circumstances, his mood is in more pain than his finger! I don’t understand why the public’s curiosity has become a reason for them to recklessly put someone’s personal identification number and other private information online. And even feel proud of it and completely ignore ethics! Distorted concept!  Actually, everyone has private matters and is entitled to their privacy. Please respect yourself and respect others. Stop the intrusive actions! Don’t let this kind of popular phenomenon cause humanity’s indifference. Don’t let technological advancements become the cause of regression in human morality.”

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