Nicholas Tse reportedly bought Cecilia Cheung multi-million dollar home in S'pore

24 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Two months ago, Cecilia Cheung and her two sons, Lucas and Quintus, relocated to Singapore.

Both boys were also enrolled in an international school in Singapore.

Hong Kong reports have stated that it was Nicholas Tse's idea of arranging for him sons to study in Singapore.

Cecilia's initial plan was to reside in Canada with her two sons, reports Sina via Asian Pop News.

However, Nicholas' family did not want Lucas and Quintus to reside so far away.

There was also speculation that Nicholas initially wanted his sons to receive an education in Hong Kong, but a Christian international school had rejected them after the media reported the name of the school.

For the sake of his sons, Nicholas eventually gave in and arranged for them to settle in Singapore, which is quite near Hong Kong.

As Cecilia has halted her acting career, he has reportedly increased her living expenses and bought a HK$20 million (S$3,296,240)  property in Singapore for her and their two boys.

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