Nicholas Tse makes breakfast for a woman -- and it's his first time

7 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Best Actor Nicholas Tse Ting Fung earlier worked on the Emperor Motion Picture But Always (Yut Sun Yut Sai) and gave his "first time" to Mainland star Gao Yuanyuan, as he personally cooked breakfast for her.

According to hktopten, in one scene of the film, Nicholas quietly made a "surprise" breakfast for the still asleep Yuanyuan .

Originally the script only had them romantically feed each other, but after learning that there was no chef was on the set, Nicholas immediately turned into one.

"It's the first time I cooked breakfast for a woman, so at that moment I really had quite a struggle. I thought if I didn't, how would the scene be shot? We might have to wait for a long time if we looked forward someone to cook, and the meal might not pass my standard. In addition the kitchen was very suitable. In the end I cooked."

At the time, Yuanyuan, who was pretending to sleep, jumped up and quietly admired his 'heroic' deed from behind.

Director Zou Xian revealed that the cinematographer secretly captured the entire process and said, "In comparison to finding another chef to cook then handing it to Ting Fung, it's truly much, much better. When everyone watched playback, they thought the visuals were very pretty."

Fortunate enough to taste a breakfast cooked by Nicholas Tse, Yuanyuan felt very honored.

She said, "This is a pretty and delicious breakfast! Whether it's Ting Fung himself or his character, he can give everyone a great sense of security, I feel very safe inside."

The gallery shows the duo, as well as Janice Man, whom Nicholas had previously been linked with.

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