Nicholas Tse leaves $400 million in assets for son Lucas

11 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

It was reported earlier that Nicholas Tse has been a negligent father in favor of spending more time with girlfriend Faye Wong.

However, Nicholas showed that he did not forget about his two sons, Lucas and Quintus, as he plans for their financial future, including leaving $400 million HKD worth of real estate properties to Lucas. Nicholas’ net worth is roughly $1 billion HKD.

His income mainly comes from his entertainment company, Post Production Office Limited, which brought in over $100 million HKD in revenue this year, reports Jayne Stars.

Recently, he also became the majority shareholder in the publicly-listed See Corporation, holding 23.42 percent of the company’s share capital.

Investing his earnings into real estate, Nicholas’ properties are mostly valued well over $100 million each, ranging from retail spaces, large apartment complexes, and eateries.

Nicholas’ recent culinary travelogue show, Chef Nic, was highly popular and a sequel is already scheduled for him to film.

Nicholas was compensated $2 million HKD per episode. For the 12 episode series, he pocketed at least $24 million HKD. Lucas Becomes Mini-Millionaire Only seven years old, Nicholas’ son Lucas is already a little millionaire.

It is speculated that Nicholas will leave all of his properties in the Central district to Lucas.

Not wanting Lucas and Quintus to pursue careers in the entertainment industry, Nicholas invested $300 million HKD in Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) to help with their education.

An insider revealed, “Nicholas hopes that Lucas and Quintus will have their own businesses one day. He understands that everyone has different potential and interests.

That’s why Nicholas wants to list his company on the stock market and create a good base for the future. When Lucas and Quintus grow up, they can help him run the company.”

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