New trend for sellers? Muscle hunks go shirtless for business

21 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Good-looking stall vendors are all the rage now, and a little eye candy never hurt anyone.

In the recent trend of attractive stall owners and assistants making waves online with their looks, a tang yuan seller in Jelutong, Penang is also quick to jump on the bandwagon.

In fact, instead of waiting for people to notice him, Tang Wei Chau posted topless photos of himself on Facebook.

His light-hearted post said, "Open shirt and selling things is a trend now~ try the tang yuan at Penang island Jelutong pasar now!!!"

However, it seems as if not everyone appreciated Tang's good humour, judging from an apology he later posted online.

Tang wrote, "I felt that there’s a need to address the picture I posted recently. The reason why I did what I did is because why not? Others could do it, so could I. It’s all just for fun.

"And you have my sincerest apology if me taking off my shirt offends you in any way, mentally or physically.

"Last but not least, the picture is taken before we are about to close, if you’re worried about the hygiene, you really shouldn’t.

"Come visit the shop especially for Tang Yuan Lover because it is really delicious ! Its open from Saturday to Thursday, Jelutong. Thanks.

According to ViralCham, referring to the durian seller, the bamboo guy and the tangyuan seller, netizens have been asking, "Are they selling their products or they body?"

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