New Superman: Why I'll never be a sex symbol

9 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

He's played the son of British royalty (The Tudors), the son of a Greek god (Immortals) and the son of Hollywood titan Bruce Willis (The Cold Light Of Day).But all this is nothing compared to his new role as Kal-El, aka Superman, the only son of Jor-El who's considered royalty in the comic book world.And much like his latest alter-ego who's destined to be the saviour of the world, Henry Cavill's destiny is to reboot - and thus revive - the Superman franchise in Man Of Steel, the latest big-screen incarnation of the iconic red-and-blue superhero.Superman's last outing in Bryan Singer's 2006 Superman Returns was labelled a disappointment by fanboys, despite its modest box office earnings.Thus this much-delayed reboot, one that is said to be darker - in the vein of The Dark Knight.Directed by Zack Snyder, the movie follows Kal-El, a baby from the planet Krypton who's sent light years through space to Earth and raised as Clark Kent on a farm in Smallville, Kansas.He grows up as an outsider in our world, learning his true identity and goes on to save the world from baddies.There is no doubt that Cavill's career is getting a major boost with Man Of Steel, opening here next week.While the 30-year-old is prepared for the media glare, what he's not ready for is to become Hollywood's, newest sex symbol.He squirmed on the couch as FiRST cornered him with the possibility at the Warner Bros Studio Lot last Friday.After all, Snyder's introduction of Cavill in Man Of Steel features him super-buff and shirtless. Think Wolverine, Hugh Jackman-style.The US director knows his beefcake, having turned Gerard Butler into a sex god through 300 (2006)."I'll never accept that I'm a sex symbol," said Cavill, laughing."That will mean that someone is a bit too fond of himself. If it happens, I think it's certainly going to be odd."People shouldn't see me as a sex symbol. I'm really just Henry. I'm just telling a story."I could be playing an incredibly unpleasant character who's not sexually attractive at all in my next movie. So I've no expectations at all."The fact that Cavill's name was thrown into the casting mix of the film adaptation of the best-selling erotic novel, 50 Shades Of Grey, confirms his sex appeal.Said Cavill, laughing at the rumours: "I don't know. As far as I know, there's no script, there's no director, I've had no meetings."But if he does take over from US actor Channing Tatum's title as People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, the blue-eyed Brit will truly deserve it.After all, he put in "a lot of hard work" to look the part."The biggest challenge was, probably transforming my body to look like that," Cavill admitted. "It took about five months to get into the suited shape, and then another two months to get to the shirtless state."Looking at the actor, whose casual attire comprised a longsleeved navy polo and khaki chinos, it was hard to imagine that Cavill was once "very chubby growing up".He said: "The transition from being a young man in school, who was definitely very porky, to (how I look now) is a great journey."It's given me a real insight. I'm glad I wasn't the guy who looked like Superman my whole life."Source: AsiaOne, The New Paper

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