New Face contestant turned Power 98 DJ reveals what it is like to work with an ex-BF

12 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago
When Jacqueline Thibodeaux bagged The New Paper New Face 2006 subsidiary title Radio 91.3 Miss Personality, she didn't think she was winning a career as well.

Due to her win, she was given the chance to be a guest DJ on Radio 91.3 for a week and co-hosted the 8pm to 10pm slot with DJ Suzanne Walker.
Thibodeaux, 29, told The New Paper: "Radio had crossed my mind, but I thought it was a dream that was too far-fetched.

The minute I stepped inside the studio and had that experience of being on air and seeing how things work, it gave me hope that I could do it.

"Fast forward seven years and she is co-hosting new weekday evening drive-time show The Ex-Factor from 5pm to 8pm on Power 98 with former boyfriend, DJ Mister Young.

It premiered on Monday and it's Thibodeaux's first evening drive-time show after four years at 987fm, where she hosted flagship night-time dedications show Say It With Music.

She said: "Winning Miss Personality was a realisation.

When I walked in (to the radio station), I was just like, 'This is so cool!'"She's grateful for the chance New Face gave her and said she would not take back her experience of being part of the competition in 2006.

Thibodeaux said: "The opportunities the competition opens up for you are incredible, but of course, it's up to you to keep it, going.

"But she did not always feel this way.

She had actually not wanted to join New Face, but, she said, her mother forced her to go down for the auditions.

And while she is now thankful to her mother for pushing her into auditioning, she said being part of a competition of New Face's calibre was initially overwhelming as she had not known what to expect.

But she embraced the fun side of it and got into the swing of meeting new people, taking part in the photo shoots and walking the runway.

When asked why she thought she won Miss Personality, Thibodeaux said her outgoing personality might have had something to do with it.

"Any time we had time between fittings, a cameraman would come around and the other girls would kind of pose and smile, but I made it a point to interact with the camera and be a presenter.

"And it is this quality that will stand her in good stead when presenting her new radio show with Mister Young, whom she dated for five years.

They broke up over a year ago.

She said: "In the history of radio in Singapore as we know it, nobody has dared to put two exes together.

Power 98 hired me and dared to.

I'm scared and anxious (about the show), but at the same time, Mister Young and I are really excited.

"She said: "Creatively, we're on the same track.

We're also striving to, do better individually and so I think we'd be able to do that together as well.

"She added: "It didn't work out (romantically) obviously, but we still maintain a friendship.

"Mister Young, who was also previously from 987fm and has been in radio for 11 years, seems to agree.

The 33-year-old, whose real name is Leong Teng Young, said: "I think it's going to be a really fun show because we know each other so well and we've seen each other's ups and downs, so I think it will be us at our most raw and unfiltered."
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